Writing a Dissertation

Writing a Dissertation

A dissertation paper is the hardest and the most important paper for students before the receiving a Bachelor, Master or Doctoral degree. In fact, dissertation is the most essential written work which determines your future in chosen academic field. Some people write their dissertations for years – so this formal academic research requires a lot of time and hard work.

Dissertation is a paper based on original research which gives evidence of the candidate’s mastery. So, when writing the dissertation one have to understand that this work is your personal responsibility for your own learning and you are able to produce a literature review, choose an approach and a methodology for undertaking a study, share with your findings and discuss the results.

A typical dissertation paper includes a title page, a table of contents, a list of tables or diagrams (if any), a list of alphabetically ordered abbreviations (if any), introduction, literature review, methodology, findings, discussion, conclusions and recommendations, bibliography and appendices with questionnaires, interviews and other data. The common structure of a dissertation paper shows that it requires not only theoretical knowledge, but the practical side to support the main statements.

Difficulties in writing dissertations

As a dissertation is the most difficult and essential assignment for students – the difficulties and problems they usually face are also more essential than in writing an essay and other academic papers. Some students buy dissertations not only because they don’t know how to write a good dissertation, but because they are not ready for that.

The global difficulties include the following:

Dissertation topic

Too general or too narrow unclear topic characterizes the whole work as a mediocre. Even if the content of your dissertation is quite interesting and related to the main aim of your work – the incorrect title spoils the impression. In fact, it is the so-called “face” of your dissertation that declares the main idea of the paper to its readers.

Poor planning and a structure

Appropriate planning is a key point in writing all the academic papers. It organizes information, thoughts and findings and determines the future development of your work. Many students face difficulties with creation of a plan or even don’t bother about it. However, it is important to plan your work meticulously. The practice shows that even those who care about planning and a good structure of a paper have to redraft it several times.

Terms and phrases

The clear language is more effective in writing all the academic papers including dissertation. However, sometimes students use slang and colloquialisms that spoil the paper and decrease its academic value. There is also a number of terms and phrases to avoid such as: adverbs, jokes, certain adjectives, speech patterns and even modal verbs. These terms have no place in a formal document. Unfortunately even capable and smart students make such kind of mistakes in their works.


Sometimes even such a technical mistake as a lack of notes about the origin of a quotation in footnotes characterizes your work as the plagiarism. Moreover, some students never give credit to the originators of the theories they have mentioned. And even if you do your best in mentioning the sources and the origins, there is still a risk of over-using of one author.

It is just the top of the iceberg of all possible difficulties one has to overcome in writing the dissertation. The problems associated with grammar and logic, concept and examples, methodology, terminology and practical part made one apply for dissertation writing help.

Help in writing a dissertation

If you need help in writing your paper and even ready to buy dissertation, the specialists from our writing service will help you at any stage of your work. The author responsible for the certain academic field is the so-called “think tank” that will offer you the best possible ways to solve your problem and write a powerful work.

  • The key points the service ensures:
  • correct thesis statement
  • clear formal language
  • canonical structure
  • terminology and definitions
  • appropriate concept and examples
  • grammar and logic
  • combination of data and knowledge
  • reference to extant experience
  • lack of stylistics weakness
  • focus on results
  • help and professional advice at any stage of writing
  • revision and correction of a ready paper (if it is necessary)
  • lack of plagiarism

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