Writing a Good Essay

Writing a Good Essay

What is an essay?

Essay is a common literary form of writing which briefly expresses a personal point of view of an author by summarizing facts and analyzing a subject. When writing an essay one demonstrates not only the knowledge of a particular discipline and academic level, but writing abilities. Being a part of educational process, essay is a most common assignment for students on any step of their education. This format is the most popular assignment in tutors due to the fact that the essay writing is a complicated process and it requires a wide range of academic skills.

There is a notion that a good essay should be written to express, not to impress. The main features of such an essay (no matter if it is narrative, critical or belongs to any other styles or forms) are clear language, a good structure and statements, appropriate arguments and conclusions and a lack of plagiarism.

Some students face no problem with writing essays, others need help. Even if you are able to identify the purpose of the work and know how to write a good essay, such circumstances as deadline and a lack of time or other factors beyond the point, make you apply for help.

Difficulties in writing essays

When writing an essay one may face difficulties of any kinds, they depend on the essay topic, its form, style, discipline and the aim by and large. The most common difficulties are:

Essay topic

As a rule choosing an essay topic is the most essential factor which ensures successful work. Sometimes student choose essay topics that are not clear for them. So it takes more time to organize their ideas and collect the appropriate material.

Word limit

Usually the assignment requires a word limit, so one should demonstrate writing skills in a limited number of words which is more difficult.

Clear language

Essay writing requires good grammar and spelling and clear language without slang and colloquialisms on one hand and the lack of overwritten and highfalutin sentences on the other hand.

Plan and structure

The first thing one should take into account is a concrete plan of the future essay. It is necessary to systemize thoughts and ideas. Poor structure determines the lack of knowledge and work by fits and starts. Establishment of a relevant structure is a best way to support arguments.

Appropriate material

Choosing the facts, examples, data, statements, arguments and other necessary material is a key point in essay writing. Students usually write too descriptive essays without criticism and vivid examples.


Every essay should express the personal point of view – it is the most complicated part of essay writing. One should persuade the reader by summarizing the facts and lead him to a certain clear idea.

Help in essay writing

Our essay writing service can help you in any stage of your work no matter if you are eager to take part into essay writing together with a professional, or prefer to buy essay.

It is the real solution for those who limited in time or have faced difficulties they could not overcome. Essays of any academic field and level may be written in accordance with general requirements and your needs.

We guarantee:

  • clear language
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  • comparisons or sub- themes and so on)
  • help and professional advice at any stage of writing
  • revision and correction of a ready essay (if it is necessary)
  • content in accordance with essay assignment
  • lack of plagiarism

When you buy essay you may also choose a writer, discuss the idea, details, main points of paper and ask for amendments if it is necessary. The writer acts as a think tank and creates incisive and clear essay which would suit you.

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