Writing a Research Paper

Writing a Research Paper

A research paper is a common assignment for students at higher levels of school and college. It is an extended essay which is more than an informed summary of a topic, but the personal interpretation and evaluation. When writing a research paper students use common opinions about a topic, write everything that they personally know about it and offer the unique perspective on the issue. To write a good research paper is to find the best possible information about the topic and the most appropriate approach to interpret the information you have discovered. The research paper genres are subdivided into argumentative and analytical.

It goes without saying that your research paper is a way to show your competence in a subject, your originality and ability to synthesize the discoveries and judgments about a topic, interpretation and evaluation of these discoveries. It proves that you belong to a community of scholars.

Difficulties in writing a research paper

A research paper is more than a common essay as it has been mentioned earlier. And it is more difficult to write a persuasive and precise work for the most students. There is a always a risk of jumping at conclusions in writing and other factors, that make one apply to help in writing a research paper. Sometimes even successful and capable students buy a research paper in writing services due to the lack of time and other circumstances.

Here is the list of the most common difficulties and mistakes in writing a research paper:

Too descriptive research paper

Sometimes research paper content is too descriptive without a clear idea and a point of view. Even if one have interesting and unique information about the topic – it is not enough just to rewrite it without conclusions and your personal attitude to the subject.

Choosing the material

Appropriate material is a key point to successful research paper writing. However plenty of information won’t ensure one a powerful work. It is necessary to find the appropriate approach to organize the information. The research paper you are writing is not a summary of everything you were able to find and collect. The most important and problematic thing here is to choose the necessary information and transform it into arguments. On one hand it is better to review as much material as it is possible, on the other hand – try not to transform your work into the list of quotations and “raw” ideas, statistics or facts. The thing you have to focus on is your point of view and commentaries.

Correct and clear thesis statement

Research paper thesis statement determines the main idea and the aim of the work. It is usually too general or, on the contrary, too narrow. It has to declare the main purpose and idea of the paper for a reader. The wrong thesis statements will spoil your work even if it was developed with a lot of effort.


When students write their research papers, they use quotations from different sources and don’t mention the exact source of these quotes and their origin, publishing date and an author. In this case the written research paper may be characterizes as the plagiarism. It is a violation in institutions and colleges all over the world. So it is necessary to write about the sources you used either it was a book or internet resources and so on.

Grammar and language

Such obvious mistakes as grammar errors, slang, wrong structure and poor content are also not rare. It demonstrates the lack of interest in writing. It is recommended to rethink the whole project and rework it if it is necessary.

Help in writing a research paper

If you have faced any of the difficulties listed above – our service could help you in any stage of your writing. The specialists are in charge of the quality of the work and its uniqueness. One can either take part into the process of creation of a paper together with an author or buy research paper and don’t take part in a writing process.

The key points we guarantee:

  • correct thesis statement
  • appropriate material with necessary general information, quotations, statistics, vivid examples and so on
  • clear point of view
  • clear language
  • appropriate structure
  • appropriate genre (argumentative, analytical)
  • help and professional advice at any stage of writing
  • revision and correction of a ready paper (if it is necessary)
  • lack of plagiarism

Research paper writing needs more time, information, writing skills and academic knowledge. In fact it is a chance to declare your own opinion about the topic. It will be also helpful in writing a dissertation in future. That is why good research paper is the first thing that characterizes you as successful student.

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